Find recruiting a headache?

Use a business game with your candidates to help you choose your new recruits!

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Find recruiting a headache?

Need to get people talking about what you do?

Spread the word about your activity with a business game that mirrors your business!

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Need to get people talking about what you do?

Performance an issue for your workforce?

Train your employees using a business game to improve their efficiency!

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Performance an issue for your workforce?

Having difficulty finding candidates?

Make a custom-made business game part of your communication strategy!

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Having difficulty finding candidates?

Teamwork not a strong point?

Get your employees to compete in teams in a business game to develop their cooperation skills!

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Teamwork not a strong point?

We develop bespoke business management games for you to boost the efficiency of your workforce!

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What is it used for? A business game to...


Improve the recruitments you make by getting candidates to play a business simulation game that tests them for the skills you require.

Let people know what you do

Raise awareness about what your business does. Get employees, new recruits or even your clients playing a business simulation game that reproduces how your business works and showcases your business model.


Train your employees in different disciplines like sales, communication, production optimization, HR management, logistics, etc.


Promote external and internal communication in a fun way through a business game, raising awareness about your firm and boosting its image.

Galvanize your teams

Challenges are always stimulating. Put your employees into competing teams to develop their team-working skills and see which are the most efficient and motivated!

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Why us? Our added values


Our expertise enables us to develop a business game meeting all your requirements and integrating your graphics standard.


Our team specializes in the development of business simulations and has several years' experience in this domain with Steamcraaft, our mainstream business game.

Totally customizable

You can customize your game to meet your exact needs. This game is customizable from A to Z, so you can set up any situation you want and on any market you want adding your own firm-specifics and tailored graphics.

Total control

This business game is yours - you can use it and deploy as you want. You have the complete freedom to use it as an internal communication tool1.


We take care of game maintenance for you: training, hosting, updates, debugging, parametrization, installing, user guidance, monitoring, etc.

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(1) This game can only be used within the context of your firm's activity and cannot be marketed by you in any way or form.

Features What we made

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Reference Our demo game


We developed this game for a client who wanted a very fun approach to management, but also wanted a realistic and all-inclusive simulation.

The game totally immerses you in a scenario-based virtual world where you work your way through tasks that need to be completed. It also engages you in a seasoned simulation requiring hard-thinking and strategy if you want to come out on top, beating your competitors played by other colleagues.

This game is constantly evolving. Why not try it out and discover what we can do?

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Offers Everything is bespoke

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Base offer

  • Custom-made game
  • Made-to-order design
  • Installation
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  • Tailored graphics
  • Training
  • Setting
2,399 €/month

Maintenance Package

  • Monitoring
  • Bug fixes
  • Support
  • Parameter updates
  • Game updates
3,099 €/month

Hosting Package

  • Maintenance Package
  • Hosting
  • Management

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